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breakthrough tech

The X Series systems comes with cutting-edge technical features.

Each of them contributes in bringing the most advanced control system solutions available to spa owners.

watertight protection 

in.seal provides an extra level of protection against water infiltration. Connectors and power box are designed to be watertight so that no water can be in direct contact with electrical components (IPX5).

in.flo 2
dry-fire protection 

A new heater safety system located in the heat.wav heater with an all-electronic dry-fire protection.

software upload 

The in.stik is a pen drive with an connector very similar to a USB memory stick. It connects to the spa pack and contains data to program or configure its system. The system executes the data upload automatically.

kinetic heat monitoring

First ever UL approved kinetic heating protection manages water temp. increase generated by pump heat dissipation. Hardware protection shuts all accessories off if it senses water overheat.



water temp. algorithm 

in.t.cip is an intelligent water temperature refresh algorithm that calculates optimal time to start pumps and get water temperature readings. In.t.cip continuously readjusts the heater start time.

terminal block

In.put was designed to ease wire insertion (up to # 4 AWG) and connections. Tighter input connection reduces heat generated for increased component lifetime.
plugs & connectors 

Totally waterproof, plugs and connectors are designed to ensure that all cables of equipment used to make a spa work properly are well connected at their intended connection port, eliminating any risk of mis-wiring.


board access prevention

Electronic components are placed into separate and inaccessible compartments. Only serviceable parts are made accessible to service technicians.



in.touch 2
ultimate wireless remote control

The in.xe supports Gecko's in.touch 2, allowing you to use your favorite iOS or Android device to communicate with your spa.


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