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Intelligent remote water heating system
designed to be totally maintenance free.


Separated from the pack, in.therm is an smart 4kw remote heater that integrates electronics directly in its power box. Its long list of features includes a built-in temperature probe and a new water flow detection function that eliminates the need of a pressure switch.

in.therm is made to last. The design of its unique seamless enclosure and its cover gasket eliminates all risks of water infiltration. Filled with epoxy, its electronic board compartment is protected against the stress of water flow vibrations.



No moving parts, no need for adjustments. in.therm is really advanced, no questions about it!


No moving parts, no need for adjustments, designed to be easily and quickly installed and totally maintenance free, in.therm is really advanced, no questions about it!

Our intelligent water heating system for spas and hot tubs features a breakthrough water flow detection device. It also controls multiple power levels on a single element, boasts 3 levels of built-in protection, and uses solid-state for optimal heat transfer. in.therm is totally sealed. That's a lot of astute engineering in a highly reliable heater!

in.therm is designed to be installed easily and quickly!


in.therm can be quickly installed. Its threads and cables make it easy to connect to pack system and spa pipes.

Unlike any other heater on the market, in.therm was designed specifically to work with in.xm spa systems. An ode to plug & play, you only have to connect its power and communication cables to their specific in.xm connecting ports to make it go.

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read all about in.therm in the in.xm techbook



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