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Hydropool filter installation instructions


1.    Take filter cable out of the box, unwrap it and remove rubber under the latch (your filter cable should look like the picture see above).

2.    Turn off the power of your spa directly at the electrical pannel of your house, before proceeding with the next steps.

Remove panel in front of your control box, usually located below the keypad.

3.    Unplug the circulation pump connector from the spa pack (the green one).  To do so, lightly press down with your thumb on the latch on top, and pull straight out.

4.    Connect the male end of your filter cable into the spa pack, at the same location where the circulation pump was connected.  Be sure the male connector is fully inserted. (You will hear a “clic”.)

5.    Connect the male connector of your circulation pump to the female end of the filter cable.  Be sure the male connector is fully inserted.    (You will hear a “clic.”)

6.    Set up the cables as needed, out of the way.  Be sure the filter cover (the side with the screws) is not directly on the ground.

Reinstall the spa side panel and turn the power back.

Your spa will normally work as before.